23 May 2023

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We were delighted to be able to send out 2,972 Recognition letters at the end of May to 949 remarkable students, meaning that 94% of the main school were recognised for something positive throughout the last half-term.

The breakdown was as follows:

  • 735 students received 0 C3s
  • 742 students received 0 H3s
  • 556 students achieved or exceeded our target of 98% attendance
  • 468 students achieved 100% attendance
  • 471 students improved their attendance from the same time last year

The following students are also the latest to join our #CHS100 Club, achieving 100+ ‘R’ Recognitions.

Congratulations to:

Year 7:
Rufus I, Leo B, Cerys BR, Nya T, Sofia W, Mohid K, Amelia B, Katie W, Ava W, Edie P, Koddi W, Charlotte S, Josephy H, Francesca F, Rowan M, Gracie H, Alex L, Jesper H, Brooke W, Oliver FW, Katya B, Kalaya P, Joe G, Fraser B, Willow M, Daniel N, Matteo C, James H, Will A, Lydia H, Kaysie M, Floyd O’B, Landon P, Zoe D, Oscar H, Josh R, Olive G, Alfie T, Luke R, Finley AE.

Year 8:
Charlotte C, Josh B, Louie D, Leo W, Matthew G, Reuben G, Tallulah DT, Finlay T, Mia C, Max T.

Year 9:
Myia L, Evie F, Amy B.


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