22 March 2023

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All of our Year 7 students took a holiday from their usual timetable in March and enjoyed our Languages Day. On a carousel system across the five lesson blocks, students were immersed in the languages, culture, traditions and interesting facts from Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Latin America.

We are very fortunate at CHS to have a wonderful MFL team, which includes teachers who are native Italian, Portuguese and (Argentinian) Spanish speakers. This gives our students the opportunity to learn more about these countries and how their languages are used in everyday situations.

Our 'tourists' set off on a whistle stop tour of the countries, gathering lots of information from a variety of different sessions designed to inform, intrigue, entertain and challenge.

Amongst the many activities they:

  • enjoyed translating some simple phrases from German to English, recognising the many similarities between the two languages.
  • tried their hand (and feet) at some traditional German dancing.
  • tested their existing knowledge and acquired new knowledge with quizzes about the various countries.
  • worked together to identify the meaning of some of the many (polite) hand gestures used by the Italian people to convey emotions and information.
  • solved a Portuguese 'Only Connect' type challenge, finding the link between various things - foods, monuments etc
  • sampled the delights of Tiramisu (a student friendly recipe)!

The last session of the day for our weary travellers was to create Easter cards using the languages and information they'd learned throughout the day.

Thank you to our MFL team for all their hard work and for making Languages Day so much fun and so informative.


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